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Quick Comparison of iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Old Models with Price

iPhone 11 Xr 8 Price

Apple released the new iPhone models, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can order the iPhones from Sep 20 from the Apple store. The iPhone 11 cost 50 bucks less than the usual iPhone price. The new iPhone 11 with dual camera cost $699.00. As usual, Apple reduced the price of old model iPhones.

Let us see the cost of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Xr, and iPhone 8 from Apple store with different storage space.

Price & Comparison Table: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, & iPhone 11 Pro Max

There are three iPhones 11 models are available in the Apple Store. The cheaper one, iPhone 11 64GB cost $699 where the same model with 256GB priced to $849. There is no 512GB model for iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 comes with 12MP Dual camera and Liquid Retina HD display. The iPhone 11 model can record the video in 4k at 60fps. The water resistance to the iPhone 11 model is only 2meteres for 30 minutes.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max come with 64GB minimum size, and there is no 128GB model for those phones. The minimum price for iPhone 11 Pro is $999, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max cost to $1099. iPhone 11 Pro models are coming with Triple 12MP camera and 4k video recording capability. The waterproof capacity for iPhone 11 Pro models is 4 meters. The highest price of iPhone model at Apple Store is iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB that cost $1499.

Price & Comparison Table: iPhone Xr, iPhone 8 Plus, & iPhone 8

The new features of the new iPhone are the camera. If you don’t care about the additional features on iPhone 11, this is a good opportunity to get a good iPhone for a better price. As you know, Apple cut down the old iPhone models, after iPhone 11 launch. Apple is only selling just two old iPhone series in Apple Stoe, iPhone Xr and iPhone 8.

The iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 are still available in the Apple store. You can order these old iPhone models, for a better price. The iPhone XR cost $599 from the Apple store with 64GB memory. You can get an iPhone 8 model with 64GB for $449, pretty good price. The waterproof capability is slightly off on old iPhone models, and those are rated for 1meter where the iPhone 11 is rated for 2metres.

Both iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr comes with Liquid Retina HD, while Xr is powered with A11 Bionic Chip while iPhone 11 has A13 chip. The new iPhone models are offering 4k videos resolution while iPhone Xr and old models built for 1080P video recording capability. Other than the camera, there is a slight difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr, but while considering the price, Xr is a good pick.

How to Choose Between iPhone 11 & Old iPhone Models?

The iPhone 11, comes with Dual camera and that’s pretty powerful. The new series iPhone is powered with A13 Bionic Chip. However, iPhone Xr and 8 are still powerful enough. If you don’t care about the additional camera enhancement on iPhone 11, and the old iPhone models are a good pick. Well, if you want to enjoy the new iPhone model camera, still you can get a brand new model for $699 if you go for iPhone 11 64GB.

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