Image credit: Australian Red Cross. The Australian Red Cross is being targeted by bots that have so far made almost 900 fraudulent applications for financial assistance from a $216 million bushfire relief fund. Australian programs director Noel Clement told the Royal Commission into Tempemail Natural Disaster Arrangements on Tuesday thatContinue Reading

Read Article Lean Six Sigma mainly focuses on collaborative team effort that helps enhance efficiency and improve performance by methodically discarding any waste and bring down any fluctuations in the system. This approach plays a critical role in an organization’s culture, wherein it focuses on process optimization which contributes towardsContinue Reading

As many companies in South Africa scramble to keep their employees working from home, the reality of connectivity costs, control and flexibility is becoming more important than ever. In the traditional office environment, managing connectivity and data use was not such a serious issue for IT managers, as data costsContinue Reading

NSW Health has drastically reduced the amount of time taken to return negative COVID-19 pathology results to patients using a SMS text bot engine that automates the contact process. eHealth NSW chief information officer Zoran Bolevich told the AWS Summit in Sydney that the “really clever work” had “cut downContinue Reading

Read Article By Professor Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Pro Vice Chancellor, Adamas University Learning or academics broadly has three functions: (A) creation of learning content through research, writing, packaging with visuals; (B) dissemination of learning through classes, lectures, notes, self-study, discussions; & (C) assessment and evaluation of the education of theContinue Reading