Over the last few years, more and more consumers have opted to engage with brands and businesses digitally. This technological evolution — while very beneficial for consumers —  is extremely valuable for organisations, and it has only been fast-tracked by the impact of COVID-19 on social and economic activity.  InContinue Reading

As lockdown continues to squeeze online fashion retailers, Asos is embracing augmented reality (AR) to help it promote and sell fresh products to housebound audience. E-commerce clothing platforms have reported mixed results during lockdown. Although bricks and mortar competitors have been laid low by shuttered high streets, wider economic tailwindsContinue Reading

There’s a new commercial playbook in place at Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post since the lockdown evaporated its usual ad market, and it is built around brands showing their utility in the wider world. Or, as the Post’s chief revenue officer Joy Robins puts it, “our first priority can’t be toContinue Reading