Photo: anass bachar (iStock) Lord knows many writers have a procrastination problem, basically because some of us have the attention span of the average gnat. We’ll start writing something with the best, focused intentions, then decide to double-check something. Which will then make us think of something we should checkContinue Reading

The Trump administration is doing everything it can to undermine Planned Parenthood’s law-abiding, science-based reproductive health services. But Planned Parenthood has a powerful weapon in its arsenal: tech that increases access to care. On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood announced that it had expanded its Planned Parenthood Direct app to functioning inContinue Reading

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images) The disparate subjects of human nature and Jeremy Renner nature collided tragically this week, as the official Jeremy Renner app, which has existed on the internet since—Jesus, really?—2017, has apparently announced that it’s being shuttered. The news came after people confirmed what we’ve all suspectedContinue Reading