Social distancing measures and the subsequent shift to remote working, socializing and school led to questions about the technology available to us, namely Zoom, which was labelled a “privacy disaster”. Yet amid the challenges of implementing technology into our home lives, families are having to embrace technology to keep thingsContinue Reading

Read Article Security researchers from Britain-based cybersecurity firm Sophos have traced $500,000 worth of bitcoins extorted from people around the world by sending “porn scam” emails during a period spanning about five months. Around four per cent of these emails originated from India, making it one of the top 10Continue Reading

Facebook has removed “pseudoscience” as an option for advertisers that want to target audiences, a category available until this week even as the world’s largest social media network vowed to curb misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has also paused the availability of some other interest categories while itContinue Reading

The federal government’s already difficult job of winning sufficient public trust to convince Australians to download a forthcoming COVID-19 tracing app has hit another pothole, after multinational cloud provider Amazon Web Services was handed a deal to host the app’s data. Reports by respected ABC and former Fairfax investigative journalistsContinue Reading

Read Article Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in India are set to benefit from a $30 million global “anti-COVID” programme that Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. The “Global SME Enablement Programme” will provide cloud technology relief to both new and existing SME customersContinue Reading

It’s not a particularly new scam, but it is clever, and apparently brutally effective. Devious crooks have gazumped a look-a-like 1800 telephone support number for Microsoft in Australia, registered the line for themselves and have been feasting on inbound victims thinking they checked the number is legitimate. The scam appearsContinue Reading

A researcher from UNSW Engineering has received a grant for 50 million units of compute time on the country’s most powerful supercomputer, representing the largest compute grant in Australian history. Professor Evatt Hawkes’ project will use the compute time – roughly equivalent to 5,550 years of work on a singleContinue Reading

Read Article In a bid to address the digital divide in COVID-19 times, Facebook has partnered the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) and NetHope, a global consortium of nearly 60 global nonprofit organisations, to provide internet connectivity to communities most impacted by the pandemic. The social networking giant willContinue Reading

Israel’s religiously devout Jews, who traditionally shun the use of internet or smartphones, are increasingly going online to shop, study and video chat as the coronavirus outbreak forces them to stay largely home. Ultra-Orthodox rabbis restrict internet use among their followers to avoid exposure to sexually explicit and other religiouslyContinue Reading