Five tips to alleviate corona anxiety Restlessness, insomnia, ruminating and aching muscles. Here are one professor’s tips for anyone who is struggling with anxiety and fear due to the coronavirus. You are not the only one who is very worried about the coronavirus and the future. Here are some tipsContinue Reading

A satellite is an object that orbits a planet. The moon is a natural satellite. So are the 82 known moons of Saturn. But there are also artificial satellites. These objects do lots of different jobs for people on Earth. They beam television signals from one side of the countryContinue Reading

Cracking the code to sea cucumber farming Sea cucumbers are internationally known as a superfood, as they contain many healthy substances. They are highly sought after by both Chinese restaurants and health food manufacturers. However, many sea cucumber species are threatened with extinction, so researchers want to farm them commerciallyContinue Reading

audible     Something that can be heard, usually with ears or other sound-sensing structures. cancer     Any of more than 100 different diseases, each characterized by the rapid, uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. The development and growth of cancers, also known as malignancies, can lead to tumors, pain and death. cell     The smallest structural andContinue Reading