Julia Louis-Dreyfus tells Jimmy Kimmel she forgot to ask permission to kill America’s most beloved actor

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

We’ll have to wait until September to find out if Julia Louis-Dreyfus will take home her record-breaking ninth acting Emmy (watch your ass, Cloris Leachman), but the star of the just-concluded Veep told Jimmy Kimmel that she’s keeping it humble. Showing off the one award she actually puts on display in her house, Louis-Dreyfus explained that the chipped-off misspelling (“Luis”) of the first part of her last name that originally adorned her Hollywood Walk Of Fame star is how she maintains equilibrium despite being arguably the funniest and most successful person in TV history. Still, she was sort of pissed about the whole thing, exclaiming, “They mispelled by fucking name!” when Kimmel showed a picture of the offending honor. (And because she’s Julia Louis-fucking-Dreyfus, she also revealed that she was “shitting her pants” trying to prep her mandatory-hilarious speech for her Mark Twain Prize ceremony. Which is another award she’s got tucked away somewhere.)

Talking Veep, Luis-Dreyfus and Kimmel debated whether or not to discuss details of the May 12th finale, before deciding, “Why not? Why shouldn’t we?” (So if you haven’t watched the fittingly cold-blooded comic denouement to the long-running HBO political satire, this is your cue to jump ship.) Noting that the show ends in the future, when one-and-a-half-time President Selina Meyer’s funeral solemnity is hijacked by the press cycle-stealing demise of one Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, Louis-Dreyfus applauded the long-ago Easter egg where, in the pilot, Matt Walsh’s peerlessly incompetent press guy Mike McLintock mused about Meyer’s accomplishments being bumped by the untimely death of—just to pick a name—Tom Hanks.

Saying that she was especially proud of that final, ice-cold kick in Selina Meyers’ ass on the way out the door, Louis-Dreyfus told Kimmel that, thanks to some Meyers-administration-esque buffoonery, the joke almost screwed the Veep finale over completely. Apparently, nobody cleared the gag with Hanks, which is something that, while not mandatory with America’s sweetheart, is at least polite. Luckily, Hanks texted her back with the okay right before they had to turn the final cut of the episode into HBO, although he did claim to still be pissed he wasn’t cast as “the abortion doctor.” That’s hat you get for being a dead man, dead man.

On the subject of her pop cultural cachet, Louis-Dreyfus also noted how weird it was to see New Age author and fringe presidential candidate Marianne Williamson break out Elaine Benes’ famous “Yadda-yadda-yadda” catchphrase during that night’s debate. That left Louis-Dreyfus wondering if that means Williamson’s going to call her in as (thoroughly hypothetical in this reality) running mate. And while JLD herself might make an interesting upgrade in America’s “elect an unqualified celebrity” obsession, Louis-Dreyfus took Kimmel’s audience to task when they later applauded at the fact that Selina Meyer winds up Veep’s president once again in the end. “She’s a terrible person!,” chided Louis-Dreyfus, before asking, “What the hell is wrong with this country?”

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