New Olivia Wilde Movie Sparks Massive Studio Bidding War

While Booksmart may not have been the sneaky box office smash it was perhaps poised to be, the heralded comedy has catapulted Olivia Wilde into the spotlight as one of the hottest directors in the business. After spending most of her career in front of the camera, Wilde is now entering another phase of her […]

The Nightingale is a harrowing Western, from The Babadook director

Photo: IFC Films A- Language English, Aboriginal, Scottish Gaelic Cast Aisling Franciosi, Baykali Ganambarr, Sam Claflin, Damon Herriman, Charlie Shotwell, Harry Greenwood, Michael Sheasby Availability Select theaters August 2 Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale is a Western revenge yarn of such heightened cruelty and suffering that it basically demands to be read as allegory. Westerns, as […]

Joe Biden flubbed his website during debate, so of course someone bought the domain

At the end of CNN’s second Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night, all the candidates ended their closing statements with their websites.  Except Joe Biden, who got confused. He gave the number to his text line with no context instead.  “Go to Joe 30330, and help me in this fight,” Biden said, faltering very slightly […]

Can Hobbs & Shaw Finally Dethrone The Lion King at This Weekend’s Box Office?

For the past couple of weeks, it’s been all about Disney’s The Lion King at the box office. Last weekend, it took the domestic crown for the second week in a row by bringing in $76.6 million. However, Simba’s reign at the top is almost certainly over, thanks to what The Rock is cooking. Dwayne […]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus tells Jimmy Kimmel she forgot to ask permission to kill America’s most beloved actor

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kimmy KimmelScreenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live! We’ll have to wait until September to find out if Julia Louis-Dreyfus will take home her record-breaking ninth acting Emmy (watch your ass, Cloris Leachman), but the star of the just-concluded Veep told Jimmy Kimmel that she’s keeping it humble. Showing off the one award she actually puts […]

Facebook’s next Portal could launch this fall with video streaming services

Facebook is pushing ahead with the next version of its Portal devices. The company could launch a new, TV-connected Portal this fall, according to a new report in The Information. The device would have similar video calling capabilities as the current lineup of speakers, but would connect to televisions and possibly feature streaming services. The […]

Zombieland 2 Video Game Is Coming Before Double Tap Hits Theaters

GameMill Entertainment and High Voltage Software have announced Zombieland Double Tap video game Road Trip, which will tie-in to the events of the upcoming movie sequel. It’s been a decade since we last encountered the likes of Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock in the first Zombieland. Now, with the long-awaited follow-up mere months away, […]

Stephen King Defends Tarantino’s Controversial Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Ending

Even if you haven’t see writer-director Quentin Tarantino’s new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I think you know by this point in time that the movie fittingly features one hell of a controversial ending. I’m not going to go into specifics about the finale here, just in case you might not have seen […]

Best VPN deals this week for students heading back to school

New college students have a general checklist to get ready for life outside the nest: towels, a laptop, bed sheets, and some Bob Marley posters. You’re all set right?  Well if you value your online privacy and freedom as much as your meal pass, then you need to add a virtual private network, or VPN, […]